Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Jocelyne's Activity When It's Holiday

Little Jocelyne is 6 years old, and she is still learning to know the world. She says the most unthinkable things and she is quite naughty when her mommy is not around.

When she arrived at my home this morning to have her piano lesson, the first thing she said was this:

Little Jocelyne: Ma'am Fanni, aku libur dua minggu loh.
Me: Oya? Kalau libur ngapain aja?
Little Jocelyne: Di rumah aja.
Me: Kalo di rumah ngapain?
Little Jocelyne: Tengkaran ama adek. (nyengir sangat lebar)

I love it when even fighting with a sibling makes a student happy!

How Little Feby and Other Shorter Stories Begins

Hi everyone! I teach piano and I have the privilege to meet amazing students every day. My students, especially the young children, never stop to amaze me. Therefore I keep this blog to freeze and not forget my memories about them.

So it all began with this new piano student. Her name is Feby and she is now eight years old (this is year 2011). She cracks me up with her comments, questions, and stories.

There are other students and little children, of course, besides Feby that will be told about in this blog. However, all of them will be in the language the children use (meaning that it sometimes can be Indonesian, English, or Javanese).

So here goes the first extremely short story, just to give you a glimpse of Feby:

Little Feby: Ce Fanni, nanti kalau besar aku mau jadi les piano dan designer interior. Jadi sambil liat design-ku, orang-orang bisa les piano.

Her choice of word is amazing LOL. How can an 8-year-old even say "designer interior?" Cute, isn't she?

See you,
Fanni Leets