Monday, September 2, 2013

School Tank!

Yesterday I was asked to replace a teacher to teach English for Second Grade. For only 35 minutes. But I was scared. I am used to teaching privately. But the thought of 25 little children altogether felt like a horrible Kaiju that I had to defeat.

However, my Kaiju imagination proved to be wrong. They were little attentive angels that paid attention to what I have to tell them.

The theme of yesterday's lesson was transportation. And this conversation happened:

Me: So transportation is what we use to move from one place to another place. Can you mention some things that we use to move from one place to another?
Students: Car!
Students: Aeroplane!
Students: Train!
Students: Bus!
Students: Tank! 
Students: School bus!
Students: School tank! 
Students: Dentist!

They are such competitive angels, eh? XD

More stories from classrooms next time.