Saturday, June 18, 2011

Super Duper

Meet Little Darrell (7 years old) the I-cannot-sit-still-on-my-piano-chair-and-I-have-to-play-every-song-as-fast-as-possible boy!

So Little Darrell has a cute Mini Pomeranian dog that tries to snack on my feet every time I am at his house.

This cute dog also munches my curly hair when I put her on my lap.

Here is what Little Darrel thinks about his dog:

Darrell: I am very proud of my dog. She is super duper cute, isn't she? And she is also super duper stupid! I love her.

Now we have the proof that instinctively love is super duper blind.

Nazaruddin, Beware! You Won't Get Away Easy!

With so much pride, Little Feby (8 years old) showed me this letter that she has typed (click it to get a bigger picture):

In case you cannot read it, it goes like this:

dimohon kepada nazzarudin untuk pulang dari singapura untuk dipe
diperiksa karena terkait kasus suap . ini panggilan paksa o
oleh kpk. kalau nazzarudin tidak mau pulang dari singapu
ra maka densus88 akan mencare istri nazzarudin . kalau
istri nazzarudin tidak ada mka rumah nazzarudin akan
diberi garis polisi/densus88.

I have no further comment :D

The Spatial Intelligence of A Child

Did you know about Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences?

So according to him, there are supposed to be eight or nine multiple intelligences. Everyone usually possesses one, two, or three intelligences. So it's not about "Are you smart?" but "How are you smart?"

I, for instance, happen to have (I hope) sort-of-musical intelligence and verbal intelligence.

The other intelligences? Your intelligence? For goodness' sake, go consult Mbah Google if you want to know more.

Anyway, Little Feby's (8 years old) dream is to be an interior designer. You can read it in this post. But oh, how I pray that as she grows older she will have more spatial intelligence.

Feby: Ce Fanni, nanti aku bangunin rumah hotel untuk Ce Fanni ya.
Me: Apa itu rumah hotel, Feb?
Feby: Rumah hotel itu, jadi tanahnya 250 x 5, ada 3 hotel, di antaranya ada rumah, ngga tau di tengah atau di sampingnya, nah itu rumah hotel.

X_X Dear Little Feby, what thin hotels you build!

Feby: Nanti di rumah yang aku bangun untuk Ce Fanni, ada home theater. Jangan kuatir, semua film impor sebelum diblokir sudah aku beli!

The Logic of A Child

How can I describe Little Jocelyne (6 years old) to you?

She may look timid and innocent at the first place, but she can kick her dogs and laugh after that. Pretty scary, huh?

She can also tell you the things you would never think of (and they're hilarious). Once, when I drove her home from her piano lesson at my house (yeah, I am sometimes a driver, too, for my students haha), this conversation happens:

Jocelyne: Ma'am Fanni, aku bisa lagunya "Lupa-lupa Ingat"nya Kuburan loh.
Me: Oya? Coba nyanyikan.
Jocelyne: fa re mi do, mi mi sol, sol la, fa mi re mi, re do re, mi fa re, sol la, si re fa mi

(What happened here was that she was singing with all confidence in the world, but she got the notes all wrong. I mean, her tune was right, but the names of the notes were...nonsense. LOL.)

Me: Wah, siapa yang ajarin?
Jocelyne: Aku sendiri lah.

Don't you love how children are always so brave to speak out their mind?

Her hands look so tiny on the ivory and ebony keys.

Another hilarious logic from Little Jocelyne:

Jocelyne: Temenku Bobby itu larinya paling cepet di kelas, aku kalah. Soalnya nomer sepatunya 37.

More wise logic from Little Jocelyne next time. ;)

Little Feby the Drama Queen

Maybe I should tell Feby (8 years old) to consider a future job as an actress. She was such a drama queen this afternoon that I almost fell from my chair laughing.
Note: We were talking about Moli, her dog, a huge black dog.

Feby: Aku ga suka Moli. Dia penyebab healthyless.
Me: Apa itu healthyless?
Feby: Artinya kesehatan menjadi kurang, bahkan tidak ada.

Feby: Papaku sih, aku disuruh merelakan tabunganku untuk beli Moli. Aku jadi ga bisa jajan. Tiap hari aku di sekolah pingsan dan mimisan karena kelaparan. (with such a dramatic mimic on her face, haha)

Too much Indonesian sinetron, eh? LOL.

Yeah, this afternoon she insisted to wear those sunglasses while playing the piano.
They didn't help her playing much.