Thursday, June 11, 2015

Selamat Berlibur

Today Richie (11 years old) went to the school office and looked for Mr. Mintre, one of our school staff. Ms. Lyvia met this little chubby guy and told him that Mr. Mintre was still in the manager's office.

Ms. Lyvia: Kembali aja lima menit lagi. Pak Mintre pasti sudah ada.
Richie: Tapi ngga bisa, Papa saya sudah jemput dua menit lagi.

But Richie won't leave.

Ms. Lyvia: Ada perlu apa sama Pak Mintre? Ada pesan?
Richie: Iya, Richie titip pesan saja ya.
Ms. Lyvia: Apa pesannya?
Richie: Tolong sampaikan Pak Mintre, "Selamat Berlibur."

Today is the last day of school for elementary students. How sweet. =)

Richie. Wajah disamarkan.