Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Unexplicable Obsession with Dentists

In my previous post, I talked about my 2nd grade student who mentioned the have-to-look-at-people's-mouth-everyday noble profession of dentist as a means of transportation.

No, dear, dentist is not a common means of transportation.

Okay, they are only about seven or eight years old so I thought it was okay. Or so I thought.

Last week I taught my 5th grade classroom. In the middle of the creative writing lesson, the students were asked to close their eyes imagining they were exploring a nearby forest.
Me: What do you see?
Student: Lion! Tiger!
Student: Green trees, and snakes!
Student: My friend wearing a tutu skirt (Here, the teacher decided to ignore this student)
Student: The sun shining.
Student: Dentist!
So, I guess there is an unexplicable obsession of students with dentists. XD

Maybe that student saw this when he closed his eyes.

Or maybe this.
Pictures are from here:

LOL. Teaching is fun.

Monday, September 2, 2013

School Tank!

Yesterday I was asked to replace a teacher to teach English for Second Grade. For only 35 minutes. But I was scared. I am used to teaching privately. But the thought of 25 little children altogether felt like a horrible Kaiju that I had to defeat.

However, my Kaiju imagination proved to be wrong. They were little attentive angels that paid attention to what I have to tell them.

The theme of yesterday's lesson was transportation. And this conversation happened:

Me: So transportation is what we use to move from one place to another place. Can you mention some things that we use to move from one place to another?
Students: Car!
Students: Aeroplane!
Students: Train!
Students: Bus!
Students: Tank! 
Students: School bus!
Students: School tank! 
Students: Dentist!

They are such competitive angels, eh? XD

More stories from classrooms next time.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Update: I Cannot Find Feby

After a year not seeing Little Feby, I drove by her neighborhood just to check if she's still around. And how sad I was to see that her house was on sale. Now I have no idea where she is. And I've lost her mom's number.

I am heartbroken. I miss her.

I'm praying for you wherever you are, Little Feby. This blog I will keep to cherish you :* Therefore it still bears your name.

Auntie Does Not Go Far Away

Tuako, the auntie, had gone to another island that morning, and Elisia (6 years old), the favorite niece, proudly mentioned her knowledge of that.
Elisia: Tuako cuman berangkat sebentar. Dia ambil jam tangan. Nanti jam 11 pulang. XD
Little Elisia, heartbreakingly cute, isn't she? My favorite cousin!
Elisia dear, how can we make you understand that going to another island is not ambil jam tangan. And she will not be at home by 11 o'clock. Oh well, maybe we'll just wait you grow up a little bit more to understand the perplexing concept of time and distance.

I am so sad I haven't updated this blog in almost two years! That's because I quit teaching piano for a while and went to live in another country. But now that I'm back in my hometown and teaching again now, I'll post more cutesy children stories!