Monday, May 9, 2011

Little Feby Plays Interior Designer

If there is one thing Little Feby (8 year old) ever wants to be, it is to be an interior designer. I haven't managed to find out why she is so obsessed with interior, though. Anyway, here are her explanation of some house interior terms:

Master dining room itu tempat untuk DJ main musik.
Maid's bedroom itu tempat untuk anak-anak di bawah umur.
Apartment itu 2 lantai, Ce Fanni, jadi tidak bisa kecil dong!
Corridor itu tempat untuk seminar, bisa muat 5000 orang.
Powder room itu tempat bikin bahan spa.

I hope in the future, when her dream of being an interior designer comes true, she already forgets the above explanation. If not, I cannot imagine how her clients' jaw will drop to see their corridors fit five thousand people. LOL.

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