Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TanahKosong dot com

After her piano lesson, Feby (8 years old) always demands her piano teacher (read: me) to play with her. But I don't mind, because playing with Feby is never ordinary. Here is one of our "games."

So on that particular day, Feby decided to play directors. Both Feby and I were directors of a newly-established company and we were discussing about what our company should do. And here was her suggestion:

Feby (with a very serious, director-like tone): "Kita akan merebut tanah untuk industri plastik, kresek, dan teh botol berbagai macam rasa. Jangan sampai gagal. Jika gagal, kita akan merebut tanah lain, tapi di luar negeri! Makanya kita harus belajar bahasa Jerman. Saya sudah mengecek tanahkosong.com dan di Jerman ada 200 tanah kosong. Kalo masih gagal lagi, kita akan merebut tanah di Australia, Swiss, dan Arab Saudi."

Those words are exactly what came out of her. I do not add anything, honestly! Quite a little girl, don't you think? I'm looking forward to seeing what she's going to be when she grow up.

By the way, this is Feby:

She insisted that it was her hat instead of an umbrella.

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