Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How Long Does a Child Stay Absurd?

Children are born absurd. I'm sure of that. Absurd is beautiful, I tell you. But there'll come a time when children stop being absurd. I don't know how and why. It just happens. That sad time comes usually when children already hit 9 years old.

But some children are lucky. They maintain their absurdness until later years. And here is one of them. Meet Richie (10 years old) and his school librarian, Anas (@anastasiastrii at twitter. Go follow her).
Richie: Ms. Anas, tadi di laci meja saya ada kecoak. Saya kaget, syok.
Anas: Hmmm.. Terus? Kamu takut?
Richie: Sedikit. Terus guru bilang, "Kan bisa dibunuh aja toh, selesai."
Anas: Terus kamu bunuh gitu? *serius*
Richie: Ngga.. Kecoak itu tidak berdosa. Dia tidak salah apa-apa. Saya ambil aja dengan tissue.
Anas: Ohh... Terus kamu ambil kecoak pake tissue itu berarti dia masih hidup?
Richie: Ya enggak, saya pukul sampai diam, baru saya pake tissue buangnya.
Anas: ....
Anas and Richie

Dear Richie, Anas and I hope you stay absurd!

Permisi... Numpang lewat...

Berdasarkan permintaan publik, saya tampilkan gambar kecoak yang lebih representatif.

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