Saturday, June 18, 2011

Little Feby the Drama Queen

Maybe I should tell Feby (8 years old) to consider a future job as an actress. She was such a drama queen this afternoon that I almost fell from my chair laughing.
Note: We were talking about Moli, her dog, a huge black dog.

Feby: Aku ga suka Moli. Dia penyebab healthyless.
Me: Apa itu healthyless?
Feby: Artinya kesehatan menjadi kurang, bahkan tidak ada.

Feby: Papaku sih, aku disuruh merelakan tabunganku untuk beli Moli. Aku jadi ga bisa jajan. Tiap hari aku di sekolah pingsan dan mimisan karena kelaparan. (with such a dramatic mimic on her face, haha)

Too much Indonesian sinetron, eh? LOL.

Yeah, this afternoon she insisted to wear those sunglasses while playing the piano.
They didn't help her playing much.

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