Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Spatial Intelligence of A Child

Did you know about Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences?

So according to him, there are supposed to be eight or nine multiple intelligences. Everyone usually possesses one, two, or three intelligences. So it's not about "Are you smart?" but "How are you smart?"

I, for instance, happen to have (I hope) sort-of-musical intelligence and verbal intelligence.

The other intelligences? Your intelligence? For goodness' sake, go consult Mbah Google if you want to know more.

Anyway, Little Feby's (8 years old) dream is to be an interior designer. You can read it in this post. But oh, how I pray that as she grows older she will have more spatial intelligence.

Feby: Ce Fanni, nanti aku bangunin rumah hotel untuk Ce Fanni ya.
Me: Apa itu rumah hotel, Feb?
Feby: Rumah hotel itu, jadi tanahnya 250 x 5, ada 3 hotel, di antaranya ada rumah, ngga tau di tengah atau di sampingnya, nah itu rumah hotel.

X_X Dear Little Feby, what thin hotels you build!

Feby: Nanti di rumah yang aku bangun untuk Ce Fanni, ada home theater. Jangan kuatir, semua film impor sebelum diblokir sudah aku beli!

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