Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Logic of A Child

How can I describe Little Jocelyne (6 years old) to you?

She may look timid and innocent at the first place, but she can kick her dogs and laugh after that. Pretty scary, huh?

She can also tell you the things you would never think of (and they're hilarious). Once, when I drove her home from her piano lesson at my house (yeah, I am sometimes a driver, too, for my students haha), this conversation happens:

Jocelyne: Ma'am Fanni, aku bisa lagunya "Lupa-lupa Ingat"nya Kuburan loh.
Me: Oya? Coba nyanyikan.
Jocelyne: fa re mi do, mi mi sol, sol la, fa mi re mi, re do re, mi fa re, sol la, si re fa mi

(What happened here was that she was singing with all confidence in the world, but she got the notes all wrong. I mean, her tune was right, but the names of the notes were...nonsense. LOL.)

Me: Wah, siapa yang ajarin?
Jocelyne: Aku sendiri lah.

Don't you love how children are always so brave to speak out their mind?

Her hands look so tiny on the ivory and ebony keys.

Another hilarious logic from Little Jocelyne:

Jocelyne: Temenku Bobby itu larinya paling cepet di kelas, aku kalah. Soalnya nomer sepatunya 37.

More wise logic from Little Jocelyne next time. ;)

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